Many of you asked what we need for our home together. Our response is taken from the wisdom of Star Trek. In case you hadn’t noticed, star ships have little space to store things collected along the journey through the universe. Instead, travelers on star ships strive to collect experiences.

We also look at our lives as a such a journey. So, if you truly feel like you want to add fuel to our travels through life, below we have listed several vendors we use to pursue our adventures. 

To be sure you do not gift us too many Old Speckled Hens at the George Inn, let us know what vendors you choose by commenting at the bottom of this page so others can see your choices. (See running total for each vendor. You can click on their name to reach their gift page.) 

See you on the road……


Airbnb – Gateway to amazing residences we already used for London and Paris – (0 of

Amtrak – how else can you get to NYC? BBY to NYP to BBY – (1 of 3)

Emerson Resort – the perfect place to do our Pan Mass Challenge training – (1 of 2)

Hampton Terrace Inn – comfortable inn in Lenox providing a homebase for Pan Mass Challenge hill training – (1 of 2)

Marriott – it is our staple lodging due to earned status as we get free pretzels on every stay – (2 of 3)


Delfont Mackintosh Theaters – a major theater group in London that often produces a go-to show – (1 of 1)

Metropolitan Opera House – while new to the beauty of opera, we are doing our best to catch up – (2 of 2)


Bar Boulud – the original in NYC we frequent after arts at Lincoln Center – (1 of 3)

Craigie on Main – a longtime star right setting the quality bar for Boston – (1 of 1)

Gramercy Tavern – Shake Shack creator Danny Meyer’s NYC spot with great food, wine, and service – (2 of 2)

Nice Matin – our favorite wine restaurant in NYC where our Somm Megan holds court – (3 of 3)

Tavern on the Green – the most wonderful place to be outside on a summer evening – (2 of 2) 

The George Inn – a several century old pub near Burroughs Market, London that serves Old Speckled Hen (purchase in pounds Sterling required) – (0 of 1)

The Musket Room – some of the best food in NYC located in the Lower East Side – (0 of 2)

Reader interactions

11 Replies to “FUNd”

  1. Great idea! I was just perusing this site looking for this very information. I opted for Tavern on the Green!


  2. I loved the idea of Nice Matin…enjoy the food, the wine, and each other! Debbie and AJ


  3. Enjoy an evening at the Met!
    See you in 2 weeks!


  4. Enjoy Nice Matin! Congrats! Karen and Steve Maggio


  5. Love Lynne & Steve January 17, 2018 at 6:19 pm

    Hope you enjoy Bar Boulud during your visits to NYC!!


  6. Ever since you introduced us to Gramercy Tavern, we haven’t stopped thinking about it! Enjoy a nice dinner there on us 🙂


  7. Congratulations Beka and Barry. Wishing a life full of love and happiness. (Keep smiling)
    Enjoy a show at the Delfont in London.
    Love always,


  8. Enjoy some time away at one of the many Marriotts. Congratulations! Beth and Joe


  9. Beka and Barry, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness .
    Hope you enjoy a tasty meal at USHG


  10. Barry and Beka,
    Congratulations again and best wishes always. You should be receiving a gift card to Craigie on Main, for those rare times when you are in town and not otherwise occupied. Enjoy!
    Dave and Pat


  11. Rich and Margret !!!!! February 10, 2018 at 6:17 pm

    Tavern on the Green Baby. Enjoy.


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