NYC Chic

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Corkbuzz – Great wine bar with food with 2 locations – Union Square and Chelsea Market (best location for the wine crazies among you)

Tavern on the Green – NYC landmark for generations refurbished a few years back and now a great place for brunch or cocktails. We hang out there often in the summer. What is better than some Sancerre on a warm summer night overlooking Central Park?

Central Park Boathouse – A fixture of Central Park for decades with a nice bar and good food. Great for lunch in the winter, and best in the summer where you can have a cocktail while watching the sun set over the lake.

Ripposso 72 – Small wine bar on 72nd and Columbus that we frequented over the years.

Morrell Wine at Rockefeller Center – Fantastic bar to pick up a nice glass of wine after watching the skaters at the Rock.

Fraunces Tavern – Historic pub in lower Manhattan where many of our Founding Fathers dined and slept. Excellent craft beers imported from Ireland with very good pub food.


Pain Quintodien in Central Park – Even in winter a nice place to sit and read the paper with a warm cup of java while overlooking the fields of Central Park.

Joe’s Coffee – Small coffee bar on Columbus and 68th Street.

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters – Located a short walk uptown at 79th and Broadway, this place serves great coffee and small bites. They even have beer on tap!

Starbucks – Can’t help you there as we’ve never heard of them.


Nice Matin – Our favorite restaurant in NYC due to the excellent wine list and great French bistro food. We have tried wines there from Greece to Canary Islands to Portugal. If Megan is working, tell her Barry and Beka say “Hello” and then let her choose a wine for you based upon your taste preferences and price point.

The Musket Room – Probably the best food in NYC that we can afford. Although possessing 1 Michilen star, you would never know by the prices and only by the quality of the food and service. Located in the Lower East Side serving New Zealand influenced dishes, the wine list from Oz is comprehensive. Choose the tasting menu and you will not be disappointed.

Bar Boulud – Across from the Empire Hotel, it is our go-to place post shows at Lincoln Center. The food and service is exceptional. Ask for Blake, our favorite Somm, to help you pick out a great wine. Their sister restaurant Boulud South is right around the corner and serves more Mediterranean inspired dishes. (Do not be influenced by the food you may have eaten at the Bar Boulud in Boston. The food here is authentic Chef Daniel Boulud inspired and much, much better.)

Gramercy Tavern – A superb Danny Meyer restaurant in the Flatiron district with amazing food and service. Head for the tavern area – no reservations – where you can grab a glass of wine while waiting for your table.

Minetta Tavern – The place to go to be seen or to see celebrities. The outdoor sign is flashed during the opening of SNL. If you think you’ve had a great burger already, then you haven’t eaten here.

New Leaf Cafe – In a historic building located within Tryon Park situated in the far north reaches of Manhattan. With park views of the Hudson River and NJ Palisades, it is a great place to visit both summer and winter.

Joanne’s Trattoria – Frequented by Lady Gaga, this is representative of the small, intimate restaurants sprinkled throughout the Upper West Side offering hearty, affordable food is comforting settings.

Economy Candy – If you love Jelly Belly (they have every flavor), or any candy for that matter, travel on down to this store to relive your childhood. They have everything from Topps baseball cards with the gun inside to candy wax fangs for Halloween dress-up.