Ένα – You are on your own so grab a ticket to a show from TKTS next to the Empire Hotel or in Times Square. Book a table at a great restaurant and remember to eat late. This ain’t Boston. 

We will be popping into Tavern on the Green for cocktails between 6:30 and 8:00 PM. Walk on over to the iconic restaurant’s bar at W. 67th and Central Park West to start your wild weekend with Nu Yawkers looking to unwind. 

Δύο – Enrich the evening with a get together at the Empire Hotel Lobby Bar sometime after 11:30 PM.

Be sure to take photos all weekend and text them to 617-229-6715 to instantly appear on our website – Knot Photos


Τρία – Sleep in and prepare for a late night.

Τέσσερα – We “meet” at Grand Central Station at 5:45. Take the Image result for NYC subway train red one symbol train at 66th street downtown to Times Square and then look for the Related imageto Grand Central Station. Follow signs to the main hall. The ceremony will take place at the west end of the great hall opposite the Apple store and terminal shops.

While waiting, spread yourselves out among the travelers. You can even hang at any of the terminal shops. Remember, we are trying to create a “flash mob,” and you can’t have a pop-up ceremony if everyone crowds around the same place!!


When you see Beka descend the staircase, start walking toward the west end of the hall


Don’t be late or you will miss all the fun



Be sure to take photos and text them to 617-229-6715 to instantly appear on our website – Knot Photos


Πέντε – After the ceremony, we will be meeting for a celebratory 1 hour cocktail reception at the Bookmarks Lounge at the top of the Library Hotel at W. 41st and Madison Avenue, just 1 block from Grand Central Terminal. 

(Note: Due to New York State law, children under 21 years of age are not permitted to attend any of our celebration venues.)


Έξι – After the Landmark head uptown to celebrate at the Rooftop Lounge of the Empire Hotel(♫) for some diversion, food and no drinking by yourself. Take the Related imageback at Grand Central Terminal and then the Image result for NYC subway train red one symboluptown to 66th. You can also walk to 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas for you foreigners) and take the M5 or M7 uptown to 64th St. and Broadway. (The 0.1% can take a Lyft, Uber, or taxi to the Empire Hotel.)

Dress Code is cocktail attire for the evening. 


Επτά – Hopefully you decided to stay an extra day and plan to leave on Monday. If not, sleep in and try to get a late check out. You’ll need it.

Did I mention you should text all your photos to 617-229-6715 to instantly appear on our website? – Knot Photos

All photos will be available for download soon after our event.